I create a variety of digitally-mediated art — including single-channel, stereoscopic, and site-specific video, stereoscopic photography, and interactive web-based works. Many of these pieces center on the ways in which we locate ourselves, both in our physical surroundings and in the symbolic matrices of our culture, and how we envision and construct the real and imagined worlds that we inhabit.

I employ stereography as a way to investigate the seemingly transparent process of binocular visual perception as a continual act of imagination. I capture and process stereoscopic photographs of various people, places, and events, and also create overtly manipulated composite stereo images. I enjoy the paradoxes of a medium that, in contrast to 2D photography, allows for deeper revelation of reality, yet also involves more elaborate artifice.

I am intrigued in the meanings created or revealed by the operations of chance and randomness within ordered systems. I see aleatoric techniques not as a method for removing the artist from the work, but as a way of expanding fields of influence, intentionality, and interaction, and blurring boundaries between self, others, and environment.

I am also the creator of the Maxx Klaxon project: a satirical audiovisual interrogation of authoritarianism. I write, produce, and perform retrofuturist multimedia electropop spectacles, in the persona of an aspiring dictator.

I use imagery and rhetoric that borrows from revolutionary and totalitarian art and propaganda to hold up a mirror to our situation as citizens of a hegemonic superpower — and the ways in which power is gained and wielded via reactionary, paranoid narratives.