Maximus Clarke’s stereographic 3D practice encompasses a wide range of subject matter: documentation of landscapes and the built environment, politically engaged street photography, individual portraiture, and experiments in photocollage, installation, animation, video, and the deconstruction of stereo vision. He regularly posts new 3D images at Parallax City.

Almost all of Clarke’s stereo images are rendered in the anaglyph format. As such, each actually contains 2 images superimposed: the image intended for the left eye is visible through a red filter, while the image for the right eye is visible through a cyan (blue-green) filter.

Viewed with a pair of red/cyan 3D glasses, an anaglyph image presents different content to each eye, achieving a stereo effect. The technique dates to the 19th century, but the images can now be processed with the aid of software, and can be reproduced accurately on almost any digital screen. Free anaglyph glasses can be ordered online. (Other types of 3D glasses will not work with these images.)

Some of the following images are available as limited edition 3D chromogenic prints. For information on print sizes and prices, please contact the artist.