PARALLAX CITY is a stereoscopic 3D video installation influenced by the Situationist tradition, that contemplates the urban environment as a site of both oppression and resistance. The physical component of the piece is a viewing structure built from wood, mylar, and acrylic. A video projector throws anaglyph 3D images onto a rear projection screen within the structure.

The looped video is a sequence of wide-angle 3D views of the New York City skyline, augmented with signs, screens, logos, and digital clocks. One view fades into the next, creating a slow progression across the cityscape. The added features transform the city into a dystopian environment, blanketed by propaganda.

But as the clocks strike 1300 hours, the city is transformed. Suddenly, the screens have been scrambled, the signs have been altered, and the gloom hanging over the city has given way to shafts of sunlight — and the promise that another world is possible.

PARALLAX CITY was first shown as part of SPACE:LIGHT at the Plaxall Gallery in Long Island City, Queens, New York, in October and November 2019.