NOTHING CAN TEAR US APART depicts the experience of life under a demagogic, autocratic leader, who psychologically abuses the public as he spreads fear, demands complicity, and denies reality.

The video, designed to be viewed with red/blue 3D glasses, is a stop-motion animated sequence of dystopian propaganda posters floating into view, and being unfolded, straightened, flattened, and taped onto plywood and concrete by invisible hands. The poster illustrations come from U.S. Homeland Security disaster preparedness guides, while the slogans offer commands in ironic counterpoint to the graphics.

As the video progresses, posters are taped on top of other posters, strips of tape censor and alter slogans, and torn poster pieces are recombined to create new messages. The 3D imagery suggests the flattening of discourse and thought under authoritarian rule, and the words and images reflect a descent into illogic, hatred, and violence. The atmosphere is deepened by an ambient audio track of rustling paper, ripping tape, and fragmentary, echoing music.

NOTHING CAN TEAR US APART was first presented at Hot Wood Arts in May 2017. It was also featured at the Governors Island Art Fair in September 2017, accompanied by screen-printed posters.