This 3D video loop was created for the spring 2014 REAL ESTATE exhibition at Ventana244 in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and reflects the show’s themes: geography, economics, and the built environment.

The piece was designed to be projected onto the gallery floor, into a collage created by artist Alan Lupiani. The projection consists of an anaglyph 3D image of Clarke’s own living room, photographed in hyperstereo (using two cameras spaced widely apart from each other on a crossbar). The resulting stereoscopic image seems miniaturized to dollhouse scale when viewed with red/cyan anaglyph glasses.

At intervals, the image is suddenly pixelated into a flat matrix of large squares, blending into the geometric array of collage elements. As the video loop continues, it is depixelated in steps, back to full clarity; the process resembles a sequence of satellite views of land being subdivided into an ever-denser urban grid. Finally, the image resolves again as a tiny dwelling space, seeming to hover just below the floor.

EMERGENT HYPERSTEREO LIVING ROOM was presented again as part of THE LUMINOUS SURFACE, an exhibition at the Mission for Temporal Art, in Marshall, North Carolina, in June, 2014, with an added audio track consisting of manipulated ambient sound. It is also part of the reprise of THE LUMINOUS SURFACE at Salisbury University in Maryland, from August 24 to October 31, 2015.