FACE TO FACE is a series of anaglyph 3D photocollages inspired by verses from the biblical Song of Songs. The images juxtapose the artist’s photographs of the Appalachian mountains, cracked squares of Queens sidewalk, and pairs of classical statues from New York’s Metropolitan Museum.

In each image in the series, these elements are woven into poetic depictions of erotic longing and spiritual intensity. When viewed with red/cyan 3D glasses, the images show the ancient stone figures in epic isolation together above the world.

One of the images in the FACE TO FACE series, “There He Stands Looking Through The Lattice,” was featured in WITH THE KISSES OF THEIR MOUTH: EROS AND SPIRITUALITY, an exhibition of visual art at City Lore Gallery in New York City, from Dec. 6, 2018, to Jan. 31, 2019.

The exhibition, a collaboration between City Lore and the Yiddish New York Festival, was curated by Deborah Ugoretz and Tine Kindermann, and used the Song of Songs as a starting point to explore the connections between the sacred and the profane, the physical and the spiritual, and the role of ecstasy in religious experience.